Composed "3 Pieces for Solo Harp" (based on the Indian Raag - Ahir Bhairav). It was chosen for Stage 2 of the 3rd International Golden Harp Competition, September 15-22 2014, in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

This is the winner, Tatiana Alquati, performing the piece in Italy before the competition:

Accepted to BMI’s 2016 Composing For The Screen: A Film Scoring Mentorship Program.

Vertigo ("Madeline" scene)
Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee ("Elegy" scene)
Matrix ("Intro" scene)
Matrix ("Kung-Fu/Training" scene)
Zodiac ("It's My Handwriting" scene)
There Will Be Blood ("H.W. Struggles" scene)
There Will Be Blood ("Back In A Week/Scouting" scene)

Co-composed "Celebration", a sitar & orchestra piece with Gaurav Mazumdar. It was performed at the Shenzhen Belt and Road International Music Festival in China, and with the Chicago Sinfonietta.

He played quite a bit of material into my field recorder (to a click), which I then chopped up, and slightly re-arranged. Then wrote the orchestral accompaniment, and created the score and parts. No performance recordings as of yet.

Here's my digital mockup of the 3rd movement: (sitar is real, orchestra is virtual)

Recreated & replaced an orchestral waltz section (3:15-3:24) for Alex & Maia Shibutani's 2015-2016 Short Dance music:

String arrangement (at 3:13) for Alex & Maia Shibutani's 2016-2017 Free Dance music:

Music editing for their 2015-2016 Free Dance music:

Arranged and produced the Short Dance music for their 2014-2015 competitions:

Composed Sarabandes 1 & 2. Cellist is Josh Malave.

Big band charts for WMS Gaming slot machines, "Up, Up, & Away" and "Free Spin Bonanza":

April In Paris: A tribute to Mr. Robert Drasnin(1927-2015), television/film composer & teacher at UCLA Extension, who passed away recently. He was a wonderful teacher, and an even sweeter human being. Music was lucky to have him :)

This is a music cue I'd done in one of his classes (2001).
He laid out scenarios, and we wrote to them. Best class I've ever taken!

And a few others from the same classes:

Composed "Gigue" (from a larger Baroque Suite) performed by pianist Dain Yoon.

Dawn and Dusk in the Ganges. . . sort of

Experimenting with visual programming in MAX6 - tinting and moving images, live sarod, live buffer loops, and recorded tablas/tampuras. The music is a bit hard to make out since both video/audio are recorded on a camcorder.

Recorded Tabla Bhols: Kalyan Pathak
Sarod/MAX6/Photoshop: Vikas Deo

Composed "Moments of Kiddom" for piano, performed by David Maki.

The idea was to try to evoke opposing emotions (i.e. fear + excitement) we may have
experienced as kids, using octatonic pitch collections (i.e. half-whole diminished)

I. Ghost and the Graveyard
II. Forbidden Cookie Jar (2:14)
III. Lullaby For Little Creatures (3:38)
IV. Up The Wooden Giant (5:24)

Music used for the "White Storm" film's proof-of-concept website.

The filmmaker wanted Lo-Fi sounds mixed in with the orchestra (a la Tron: Legacy), and to be a loop that fades in and out on the website.