Re-scored cues for BMI’s 2016 Composing For The Screen Worshop, taught by Rick Baitz.

Vertigo ("Madeline" scene)
Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee ("Elegy" scene)
Matrix ("Intro" scene)
Matrix ("Kung-Fu/Training" scene)
Zodiac ("It's My Handwriting" scene)
There Will Be Blood ("H.W. Struggles" scene)
There Will Be Blood ("Back In A Week/Scouting" scene)

The sitar & orchestra piece Gaurav Mazumdar and I had written had it's first performance on March 25, 2017 at the Shenzhen Belt and Road International Music Festival in China.

After recording his improvised sitar melodies, I edited/arranged them, then wrote the orchestral accompaniment, and later created the score and parts. I didn't get to go, so I just uploaded all the score/parts PDFs in DropBox to be printed by their orchestral librarian.

Here's my digital mockup of the 3rd movement: (sitar is real, orchestra is virtual)

String arrangement (at 3:13) for Alex & Maia Shibutani's 2016 Free Dance music:

Accepted to BMI’s 2016 Composing For The Screen: A Film Scoring Mentorship Program.

Workshop runs from September through mid-October in NYC - lot of communting ahead, but will be a blast exlporing the city's music, art, and film!

Wrote & recorded Djembes Will Dance In The Sky for a musician friend who passed in 2005. He was a wonderful guy, musician, and father. Since then, his wife and another musician friend have also passed -- this is dedicated to the three of them.

12 free-form improvisations; we gave our recording engineer (John Hegner at Starbell Hatchery) a bowl full of key signatures on paper scraps, and asked him to pull them out for us at random (sometimes we follow them, sometimes we don't :)

David Jennings, vibraphone (
Vikas Deo, guitar

For Rufus: A guitar duet written for my old college buddy, the late Rufus Brown (1972-2005.)

A composer/guitarist from Sycamore-IL, he was a wacky & nutty guy in the best ways possible, and a wonderful human being that is missed by many.

String Trio #1: A very rough student read through of my first attempt at writing for string trio.

Recreated and replaced an orchestral waltz section (3:07-3:16) for Alex & Maia Shibutani's 2015 Short Dance music, and sound editing for their 2015 Free Dance music

Big Band arrangment of Janelle Monae's Tightrope for the Gronigen University Big Band.

Here are some older charts for WMS Gaming slot machines ("Free Spin Bonanza" (2005) and "Up, Up, & Away" (2006):

April In Paris: A tribute to Mr. Robert Drasnin (1927-2015), television/film composer & teacher at UCLA Extension, who passed away recently. He was a wonderful teacher, and even sweeter human being. Music was lucky to have him :)

This is a music cue I'd done in one of his classes (2001).
He laid out scenarios, and we wrote to them. Best class I've ever taken!

And a few others from the same classes:

Gigue (from Baroque Suite below) performed by pianist Dain Yoon.

Baroque Suite and Theme & Variations for solo piano (Finale MIDI mockups)

Study in Baroque music #1: Baroque Suite
I chose four movements from J.S. Bach’s English and French suites (Allemande, Sarabande, Minuet & Trio, and Gigue) as a template for my own version of a four movement suite for solo piano. You learn a lot digging through this stuff :)

Allemande (0:00)
Sarabance (4:55)
Minuet & Trio (9:03)
Gigue (15:06)

Study in Baroque music #2: Theme & Variations
Used Bach's "Goldberg Aria" as the model for this theme + four variations in a Baroque style, with added jazz harmonies. Having to re-invent the same set of harmonies multiple times is a challenging study :)

Theme (0:00)
Variation 1 (5:10)
Variation 2 (12:07)
Variation 3 (14:11)
Variation 4 & Reprise (18:34)

3 Pieces for Solo Harp will be performed at the Composers Now Festival February 22, 2015,
St. Francis Church, NYC (just across the Williamsburg Bridge from Manhattan.)

Access Contemporary Music recorded Moments of Kiddom.

Pianist: Nathan Wollman, Composer: Vikas Deo

Arranged and produced the Short Dance music for U.S. Ice Dancers Alex & Maia Shibutani, which will be used for their 2014-2015 competitions.

Amoeba (our vibes and guitar duo) playing a free improvisation, "Improv 1", and a tune called "Portrait" (written by vibraphonist David Jennings.) They're a bit long - so grab a seat on the couch, close your eyes, and empty out all the noise in your head :)

3 Pieces for Solo Harp was be performed by the advancing harpists for Stage 2 of the 3rd International Harp Competition September 15-22, 2014, in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Was a nice visit to a beautiful city :)

This is the winner, Tatiana Alquati, performing the piece in Italy before the competition:

Composed Little Circle and Woodpecker for classical/nylon guitar.

Dawn and Dusk in the Ganges. . . sort of

Experimenting with visual programming in MAX6 - tinting and moving images, live sarod, live buffer loops, and recorded tablas/tampuras. The music is a bit hard to make out since both video/audio are recorded on a camcorder.

Recorded Tabla Bhols: Kalyan Pathak
Sarod/MAX6/Photoshop: Vikas Deo

Moments of Kiddom (2013) performed by David Maki.

The idea was to try to evoke opposing emotions (i.e. fear + excitement) we may have
experienced as kids, using octatonic pitch collections (i.e. half-whole diminished)

I. Ghost and the Graveyard
II. Forbidden Cookie Jar (2:14)
III. Lullaby For Little Creatures (3:38)
IV. Up The Wooden Giant (5:24)

Pianist: David Maki, Composer: Vikas Deo

Jazz guitar music on Soundcloud

Music demos for Bite Size TV bumpers:

3 Pieces for Solo Harp was chosen for Stage 2 of the 3rd International Harp Competition September 15-22, 2014, in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

3 Pieces for Solo Harp won a prize in The Fourth Annual Counterpoint International Competition 2013:

We are very pleased to announce winners of the 2013 composition competition: Paolo Geminiani (Ravenna) "Inner Counterpoints" for harpsichord & flute; Jonathan Howard Katz (NY) "Fantasy" for double bass & flute: and Vikas Deo (India via Chicago) "3 Pieces for Harp on the North Indian Raag Ahir Bhairav". Premieres of these works will take place in NY and Italy during the 2013-2014 season.

Mockup of a Sitar and Orchestra piece I had written with Gaurav Mazumdar (

He played quite a bit of material into my little field recorder (to a click), which I then chopped up, slightly re-arranged, and then created an arrangement to support his parts.

The sitar part in is Raag "Shayam Kalyan."

Music used for the film White Storm's proof-of-concept website. The filmmaker wanted some Lo-Fi sounds mixed in with the orchestra (a la Tron: Legacy), and to be loop that comes and goes for website background music purposes.