Composed/recorded Little Circle and Woodpecker for nylon guitar (and some foley/sfx).

Guitar music on Soundcloud.

Writing, recording, and editing a guitar-related podcast, 3M6S.

Writing, recording, and editing a Christmas Medley podcast, Tribute to Composers of Christmas Past.

Nylon guitar, Arturia vintage synths collection, and some jazz orchestra strings.

Guitar accompaniments for local Chicago singers:


12 free-form improvisations; we gave our recording engineer (John Hegner at Starbell Hatchery) a bowl full of key signatures on paper scraps, and asked him to pull them out for us at random (sometimes we follow them, sometimes we don't :)

David Jennings, vibraphone (
Vikas Deo, guitar

For Rufus: A guitar duet written for my old college buddy, the late Rufus Brown (1972-2005.)

A composer/guitarist from Sycamore-IL, he was a wacky & nutty guy in the best ways possible, and a wonderful human being that is missed by many.

re Playing a free improvisation, "Improv 1", and a tune called "Portrait" (written by vibraphonist David Jennings.)

Composer/Guitarist/Sound Designer for Alien Radio. The drummer is Tom Hipskind.