Music Notation/Engraving

An old music theory professor needed some notation illustrations for a book he's publishing. I started with Finale for the basic notation symbols/graphics, exported TIF files, then finished them up in Photoshop. There were about 30 illustrations in all - here are a few examples (blurry due to size reduction) below:

CD Booklet Layout

Tried another CD booklet layout for my friend David Jennings. He gave me some photos and text to use.

CD Booklet Layout

My friend David Jennings needed someone to layout his CD booklet, so I volunteered in the spirit of learning something new. He gave me some photographs his girlfriend had taken, the copy needed for all 4 panels, and let me know the types of colors he liked for the text.

Photo Restoration

Learning how to restore old family photos by trial and error; tedious but fun! This one is of my mother as a child, acccepting an art award from (then Indian Prime Minister) Jawaharlal Nehru. Fixed her dress, his kurta, and some of the scratches and folds in the photo.

This is my aunt as a teenager standing on a balcony somewhere in (pre-partition) Larkana, Pakistan.

My uncle (father's side) posing for his Indian Army ID picture.

Photos of my (mother's side) grandparents.